Entry #3

Music Inspired by Paragon

2017-01-18 21:57:49 by shadowsoflight777

I am working on a project right now which involves creating tracks inspired by characters from the Paragon MOBA by Epic Games. I essentially find instruments & motifs that (loosely) correlate with their abilities, and "level" them up through the song. Sometimes this works well, sometimes not...

This project is purely to give me a bit of a catalyst into making music, as I have had a bit of a block lately... The focus is on creating many tracks and spurring my creativity rather than spending tons of time to create a polished sounding song (that may come later, but not quite yet).

That being said, I have posted three so far:


The Noble Guardian (Steel)

Forest Fairies (The Fey)

Lightning Warrior (Kwang)


There are three more that I'm almost ready to upload:


The Lone Enforcer (Murdock)

The Wild Warlord (Grux)

Mischievous Spark (Gadget)


I'm currently working on a track for Muriel, and plan to finish this plus two more before I decide where to go after this. For now, I am personally enjoying the tracks... Time to start sharing them in case others do too!


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