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This is really neat! And who knows, this might come in handy sometime for profile pics etc...

Lots of fun! I really got a sense of speed on this one, and it was neat to use my own songs. I like the addition of stunts as well - there was more to think about than just trying to hit as many "notes" as I could.

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I have to say, it's perfect for the mood you were shooting for. I can imagine a quiet little RPG town that's a little off the map, a place you can go to without worrying about masses of enemies to deal with. A town where it's always dusk, lit perpetually by candlelight, and everyone is always willing to share some advice or tell a neat story.

So basically, I really liked it :)

Review 5/5

stunkel responds:

THIS IS THE PERFECT DESCRIPTION OF THIS SONG!! I applaud you for your visions. You totally share the same exact kind of song I was going for!! I got chills when I read this actually DX

Thanks for the review :)

This is a very well done remake of the original Pokémon encounter music - I feel like I should be fighting a wild zubat or something... ;)

It stays very true to the original, which is good, but I think doing a remix should give you a chance to inject a little bit more of your own personality into the song. I feel like it needed a little bit of edge to it, like some guitar power chords or a sweeping arpeggio.

Anyways, very well done.
Review: 4/4

stunkel responds:

Thanks you! :D

This is a fun song! Sounds like it would be a good fit for a very happy ending, or in a "let's get 'er done" kind of montage, if you know what I mean. The arrangement was quite well done - you gave it a little bit of complexity, which is probably why the song could hold my attention so well for its full length. And I very much enjoyed your use of the bell :)

Review: 5/5

P.S. Glad you were able to finish it despite getting stuck - I find that often those are the ones you become the most proud of :D

stunkel responds:

Thank you!! Yeah I thought so too :D I'm really proud of this! And yeah I really tried to put a lot into this one! Thanks for the review though! And I am definitely proud of this one more than others :3 but again, thanks for reviewing!

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